Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Another Same Old Ten Commandments Dispute

Here we go again. Should the Ten Commandments be displayed in judicial arenas?


For two reasons. First, there is no way someone who doesn't believe in the ten commandments can feel they will be treated fairly when entering a courtroom with that up on the wall. And the law relies quite heavily on the theory that it will be applied fairly.

And, half of the rules are purely religious declarations (I'll include coveting in that).

Just turn it around: would you feel like you are going to be treated fairly if you walked into a courtroom with a bunch of swastikas on the wall?

The religious right wants this. They want more God in society because they are the interpreters of God's will and that gives them power. They won't say that, so they say things like "what's the big deal," and "it says 'Creator' in the Declaration if Independance," and "the presidents end their speeches with a reference to God." The difference is that all those things are the speech of other people. A person is declaring their beliefs and blessing others. Putting up religious expressions in the context of justice is not speech, it is a state sponsorship of religion.

I hope the Supreme Court recognizes this. I realize only a few of the Justices are regular readers, so pass the word to the rest, will you?


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