Monday, March 28, 2005

I don't understand

IRS May Consider eBay Sales Taxable Income
Hawking baby and children's clothes - along with some garage sale and thrift store bargains - on eBay helps Sunni Wojnarowsky bring in some extra money so she can afford to stay home with her two young boys. The additional dollars are great, but does she really need to hassle with the paperwork and report her small profit to the Internal Revenue Service? Her question, posed to the online auction site's discussion board for sellers, generated much advice - and more confusion.

In tax law, there is no clear, bright line that separates fun from profit, or a hobby from a business. But IRS instructions make it clear that all income - a category that includes bribes, gambling winnings, kickbacks and money made in illegal activities - can be taxed.
How do so many people keep getting flummoxed by the internet? Are you making money? Then you are liable for tax. Just because you use a different method of making the sales doesn't change that fact.
"I talked to a friend of mine who does eBay, and she's not filing because she said it's not regulated," Wojnarowsky said.
What does that mean? The things people come up with to justify their actions amuse me sometimes.


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