Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The cow is now

Mr. Regular guy himself speaks.
For the four of us, it is $2,300, including tax and tip. And it would have been about $450 more if the Soldingers hadn't thought to bring their own wines. (Don't try this at homeā€”or in Paris, kids. At least not without someone like Larry and Edie to arrange it all in advance, including any corkage fees.)

Some viewers who watch me weekdays on the Fox News Channel and friends (even my own mother!) had forbidden me to come to France because of its stance on the war with Iraq. I had made on-air phone scams convincing restaurants around America to change their French fries to "freedom fries" to protest what I view as France's betrayal of every American boy who died on the shores of Normandy.

So was my trip hypocritical?

I hope not.
Well, gee, of course it was. He went so he could have a nice meal, despite their "betrayal of every American boy who died on the shores of Normandy." The pointing out of and capitalization upon said betrayal being what earned him the money for the trip. I *think* that's sorta the definition.

What personality will he display next?


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