Sunday, April 17, 2005

Good news bad news

So I was talking about my hard drive crash of a few weeks ago. Well, I've finally managed to recover many of the files. Bad news? They have been recovered- but they are sorted into directories by extension and named genericly. FIL00001.jpg, FIL00002.jpg, and so on forever. Porn, porn, porn, picture of dead grandpa, picture of tiger carrying it's young, porn, screenshot of Family Guy, clown porn, porn, and so on. 88,000 files. So that should be a fun 300 hours of work sorting that all out.

Had to buy new speakers for the Contour today. The passenger speaker crapped out, and it turns out that's annoying. The people at Best Buy were engaging in silly hat day, which means they're just wearing their regular hats while working. I didn't think I was an old man, but it turns out I was offended. Seemed awfully casual for a place that is normally pretty casual. I almost cracked at the clown working in the Car Audio Death Chamber, after he asked if he could help me, "not till you take that stupid hat off". Almost. But I got me some kickin' Pioneers. And most importantly, they fit perfectly without any modifications. They sound exactly $70 a pair better then the stock ones.

"The Newsroom"
on PBS is terrible.


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