Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Local Elections! and Etc.!

  • Got to vote for a guy I know. He is running for Park District Commissioner. Huzzah!

  • Seems like the 30 some odd year incumbent, banana republic-style administration of my suburb is getting booted out. In favor of a guy who went to high school with my dad.

  • I voted around 4:30. Only 25 people had voted at my precinct all day. There were four election judges, two elderly ladies (complete with oxygen tubes!) and two 19 year old kids. They were playing cards, and I joked around with them all for a minute. Good for them.

  • There is something dramatic about the Pope there, complete with staff and hat, laying on the plinth like that. I might want that for mine.

  • They had the "welcome home, winners, kinda" for the Illini down in Cham-bana. Man, that Governor Blagojevich is one uncharismatic guy. He sounds like that SNL character Jacob Silj. (Can't remember my own name, but pulled that up no problem. Delicious!) It's surprising, given the rumors of infidelity and baby-mommas. Usually guys who get into that trouble are more charming. Maybe that proves the rumors are false? Anyway, how 'bout that Coach Weber? I like that guy. Fred Willard would play him great.

  • Did some plumbing here at the house. Had to tear out part of a wall (dining room) to get to the works behind the shower (*). That actually was a way easier method, so kudos to me on that. See, the shower flow had been getting worse and worse. I changed everything I could on easy side of tearing pipes apart to no avail. There was obviously a chunk of crud blocking something. Ohhhhh and there was. I mean terrible. So, I installed a shutoff and re-piped the hot side of the supply. Once I got it to stop leaking, I tested out the shower. Fantastically delightful! Almost too much flow. I will enjoy it! Meanwhile, I is tired.

    Happy Kyne

    (*) Can't tear out the shower walls because when I redid that a few years ago, I made them out of concrete. Screw that greenboard shit. What's nice about it is that you can install it exactly like drywall- score it with a utility knife, snap it and put it up with screws similar to drywall screws. The only trick is the transition back to drywall. Have to be artistic with that.


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