Sunday, April 03, 2005


A couple quick reviews-

  • American Beauty. Some love it, some hated it. I think the haters didn't get it: he won. He took control of his life (for the wrong reasons), and ended up getting a lot more than he was looking for. The ending was just a way to frame the story of the ressurection of a flawed man. Cinematically, it was nice to see something that was different and successful at telling a story well.

  • Fahrenheit 911. Utter piece of crap. If his is the only smart position, why does he have to resort to manipulation and leading questions to make his point? Present the facts and the viewer will get it. He uses the way the Saudis (as if any counrty can be a monolithic bloc) spend their money to divine their US destroying intentions- they funded al Queda!!! But they have trillions invested in the US. Which also proves they want to destroy us? It plays sinister on the big screen, but the logic seems contradictory and circular. He speaks of deadly serious issues, yet he makes stupid Bonanza jokes? Tasteless, and he would not let his enemies slide on something like that. Finally, how many working-poor military moms did he interview before he got one that paid off?


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