Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I will now attempt to justify my blogging existence by opinionating:

The "runaway bride" story. Let me get this straight. She's engaged to a Jesus freak. She lives in Georgia. She's got the crazy eyes. She skips town the Tuesday before her wedding with a bus ticket that she bought, perhaps Vegas bound. Leaving her engagement ring behind, mind you. For three days, she's just gone. Never said anything to anyone. Meanwhile, the Goddies and the straphangers in the Grief Community stage a three day freak out, complete with the arm-in-arm weeping field searches and the attendant vigils.

And now we're all seething, demanding that she repay the tens of thousands of dollars in costs incurred in the search.

It's not against the law to disappear yourself, and the costs were incurred before she came up with the kidnap story.

All she did was lie to her fiance about where she went. She might be nuts, or childish, or both- but that isn't criminal and we should really mind our own business.


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