Wednesday, May 11, 2005


My fancy hi-fi stereo receiver bit the dust on me last night.

I'm getting no surround and very faint sound in 2 channel stereo mode. As some might remember, it actually vented plasma out the vent holes [=it ran hot], and that must have caught up with it. It has lasted about 6 years, but I think it should have lasted longer, as it wasn't a cheap model ($275 new, one of my first online purchases). Well, expensive to me anyhow. I realize you can blow that on a power cable. But for occasional music listenin' and DVD watchin', that's about the upper limit of what I choose to spend. I suppose I should have modified the exhaust fan, which only ran during loud use, louder than I cared for 99% of the time.

So, I begin my research. The Technics brand is no more, unless I later decide I need a DJ-style direct-drive turntable for $1000. But it always was a member of the Matsushita family, and now Panasonic is the brand for such things. My research independently led me to Panasonic too, specifically the new all-digital models. Seemingly, these things now contain a full digital path right to the digital power amplifier. But apparantly, I'm in the middle of a product cycle. The SA-XR50 seems to be discontinued/unavailable, and the SA-XR55 isn't out in North America yet. Fancy looking.


And so I wait.


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