Sunday, May 01, 2005

Lessons I learned Today

  • NASCAR is the ultimate television watching experience. First time I'd seen it in HDTV, and the first time I'd seen HDTV actually look good. The sound is 5.1 digital as well. Even mixed down to simple surround it is fantastic. The amount of technical wizardry that's involved in one of these races is almost inconceivable. Every car seems to have at least two cameras in it. Each car has telemetry so that they can put a bubble on the screen with their speed and other various information, with a pointer that follows the car in live action. Like the yellow line on a football broadcast, or the ill fated hockey puck effects. But for EVERY car.

  • That said, it looks like the 720p format is a smoother watch than the 1080i. Seems like the progressive ('p') format is what makes it look particularly good.

  • A regular guy, thirsty for some Diet Pepsi, can overpower Yoda and the Force.

  • Do not cannonball a multi-day salad eating spree with questionable Taco Bell. You've heard the immovable object versus unstoppable force conundrum? Consider what might happen if they were both trying to go in the same direction.


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