Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Playin' With Fire!


1- Can't tell you how rock solid stable my cable internet and Vonage phone have been since I got my hands on an APC SU1000. $40 on EBay, $50 for new batteries and I've got some fantastic battery backing up solidity. You have to get the good ones, the "online" or "delta" backup setups, because they also condition the power going into your various sensitive electronics. They also provide a sine wave AC 'signal', which is what the power company (hopefully) gives you. The cheap-ass ones do not condition the power- they barely suppress surges- and they put out a stepped approximation of a sine wave. Very noisy power to have going in to your fancy e-lectronic computers and such.

2- And now for the playing with fire portion of the program. To be honest, the above rant was partially to see what happens to the ads. I got my hands on two identical, malfunctioning computer screens. Very dim, and even the onscreen controls were barely visable. I accepted these believing they would make good backups should my current one fail spectacularly, and/or good spares for working on PCs. But they were too far gone for that. So, I hit the internet, intent on cracking them open and fiddling with the guts until they either worked, broke, or my heart stopped. After exhaustive research and tentative probing, I found the right little dial to twiddle and in effect turned up the brightness. Probably hastens the demise of the screen, but it's better than nothing.


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