Thursday, June 02, 2005

Hit me baby!

Notes from the Where Are They Now show on NBC tonight:

  • Nice that they didn't devote most of the show to the fake drama of the 'competition'.

  • Who's the Scottish beanpole host?

  • That Flock of Seagulls guy really went downhill. Ponytail and baseball hat means completely bald, ALWAYS. Am I right? And on the guy who invented the flock of seagulls hair. That's what you get for angering the hair gods, porky.

  • It was nice to see an actual knocked-up Tiffany, like a generation of girls dressed that way looked.

  • Hell, it was just nice to see Tiffany.

  • Who is the old dude in Arrested Development? Gramps lost his rhythmn, I think.

  • Never marry a groupie.


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