Sunday, June 12, 2005


It's too hot to think, slow blogging. My social circle is evaporating (for the purposes of hittin' the town on a Saturday night; I still have to help people move), and that's creating opportunity. "Opportunity" used here in it's Newspeak manner, as a euphamism for a problem that needs to be solved. Unfortunately, I usually find new people boring. Is that wrong to admit?

File this under worst advice ever:
I'm watching the television this morning, and stumbled upon the Joel Osteen preaching show. His message of the day goes something like this- "Feeling bad? Do you not like the situation you're in? Just sit tight, humbly, because God'll fix it when he's ready to, when you're ready for it." In other words, Follow. Don't think. Jesus W. Christ will take care of you.

In the same vein, look at your local listings for a show called "Key of David". It's on one of the independent UHF stations here. Check out the opening sequence. Sick. Jack Chick-like. It's one of those fire and brimstone, "this is an evil world, the worst times yet, and get ready for White American Jesus" kinds of messages, with the tiny subtext of "be sure to kill the heathens so God doesn't have that much work to do when He comes."

People like this really scare me.


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