Wednesday, June 29, 2005


  • For you diet coke drinkers out there, I loudly exhort you to try Coke's new Zero brand. It already has a wikipedia entry! I must correct them, however: Diet Coke from the fountain is sweetened with Sacchrine. I just did correct it (as wikipedia is an open-source encyclopedia), so that sentence makes no sense.

  • Was listening to some Infinity radio on the internet today. I signed up with the radiomat people, and having done that I could listen to different stations nationwide. I quickly lost interest, but what's up with the insanity fest on WJFK middays? Do those people ever exhale? Calm down! I'd also recommend listening to Chicago's WCKG for Steve Dahl (2-7 CT), and WSCR the sports station. Mostly for the hilarious commericals for bankruptcy and giardiniera. (Not necessarily the same product).


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