Thursday, June 23, 2005


I've just, regretfully, had a two cheeseburger special from Rosie's. Been trying to cut back. But I had that because my self control is shot when I've been drinking. I was drinking because I was over at KMW's. He is having an addition put on the house. As a consequence of that, he had some leftover trusses. He was going to just chop them up and burn them, so I prevailed upon him to let me extract some usable wood from them, to build some shelves in the shed. I extracted said wood, and had a few beers with KW and the Mrs., along with a coworker of hers and her husband. They're from Wisconsin, over by Madison way 'dere. Whilst burning some wood and smoking some delicious tobacco, collegially discussing good times past and future, we noticed some raccoons taking residence in KMW's attic. There were holes cut in the existing house to facilitate attaching the new structure. The animals found this immediately. Just picture me, KMW and some goon from Wiscinsin, beers in hand and cigars in mouth, declaring war on the raccoons (complete with flashlight and sticks).

We did not win this battle. But there will be more.

Hey, how 'bout that sin der Chute guy in Aruba? I never would have thought the Judge/Old Man would have had anything to do with it. I also note with irony that the poor girl was handing out religious tracts, and now she's [presumably] dead.


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