Saturday, June 18, 2005

¡Viaje del Descubrimiento!

Note: For the record, my pidgeon spanglish was close- I was going to use viaje del descubridad. Thank you.

OK, so it's summer, and I've had the hankering for linen shirts. Seems I prefer them in the summer. It's like wearing air conditioning. Downside, they wrinkle like crazy. So, to keep the things looking fresh, I've been using spray starch to help the shirts hold the iron.

Alright, now I purchased a green shirt. It was darker than I prefered, more of a blue evergreen, but I bought it anyway believing I could bleach it a little and brighten it up a bit. I wore it a couple times (it was right on the edge of usefulness, color wise), and one day before laundry time I decided to give it the bleach treatment. Filled up the sink with water, added about a half cup of bleach, and dunked the shirt. INSTANTLY, and I mean on the next pull up (2-3 seconds), I could see the spray pattern of my starchings in a delightful lime green. The rest of the shirt (tails, armpits, etc.) remained mostly their original color. Enraged! Not wanting to ruin it further, I rinsed it and let it dry.

FLASH! I figued out how to fix it. I will saturate the shirt with starch, re-bleach it and see what happens. That worked wonderfully, thanks to an entire can of starch. Wonderfully except for the stiching, which was of a different enough thread that it looked ridiculous. I thought for a moment, and a tiny memory from childhood festered to the surface. Dye! I will head to Walgreens and buy some Rit dye and fix this bad boy right on up.

Making a long story short, it appears to have worked. The shirt, now dyed and relightened a bit, is soaking in a water-vinegar bath to set the color. I am confident that success is mine.


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