Saturday, July 16, 2005


State Senator Claims He Was Victim Of Racial Profiling

Pols push cops for policy changes

Jackson 'Outraged' Over Meeks Traffic Stop

I don't think anyone doubts the facts of this case. Let me add a little context:

  • Jesse Jackson Jr. is purported to be thinking of running for Mayor, a post Daley has held since 1989. Before Daley, the job was held by Harold Washington, the city's first black mayor. There are those who belive that once a political office is held by a person of one race or another, that job 'belongs' to that race. Those people haven't been happy when Daley won the election after Washington's death. Ironically, I don't think Washington was one of those people who believed such things, he was just a charismatic guy who ran for office at just the right time to win.

  • Besides being an Illinois State Senator, Meeks is also the Pastor at Salem Baptist Church, which happens to be where Washington worshipped and where his funeral was held.

    And some facts that weren't presented very well in the news reports (some of these things were reported on the radio off wire reports, facts that didn't make the cut in the above reports):

  • Meeks wasn't the driver.

  • The car was a Champaigne colored 1993 Oldsmobile Delta 88.

  • The driver pulled into oncoming traffic to pass a police squad car and run the stopsign. It's not really profiling when you drive like an idiot, right in front of the police. It's sort of like saying "I dare you to pull me over." Maybe that's not what they meant, but that's what it says.

  • After being pulled over, Meeks exits the vehicle (again, NOT the driver) and approaches the police officer. Identifying himself as Rev. Meeks and saying there's a misunderstanding.

  • After being ordered to return to the vehicle by the police officer, the good reverend continued trying to engage the officer.

  • Only then did the officer do what he allegedly did.

    You don't get out of the car. Ever. And if you do, you better follow the directions of the officer when he tells you to get back into the car.

    This is, pure and simple, a politician/reverend who thinks he's above the law, a police officer who reacted to a squirrely situation, and a bunch of politicians trying to win an election on it.


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