Sunday, July 03, 2005


Give this crazy anti-Nutrasweet rant a read. I love how all conspiracies are intertwined into famous, powerful people. It's never simply a janitor swapping in dummied-up lab reports for $500. No, Nixon did it in cahoots with the CIA, the King of Luxomburg, IBM and Col. McCormick.

One of the chemical components of it is methanol, or wood alcohol. The stuff in bad moonshine that makes you go blind. But what they fail to mention (or I fail to see) is whether the methanol actually jumps free from the nutrasweet molecule inside the body. They seem to assume that it happens, and then tell us about the horrible things that happen when someone ingests methanol. Look at plain old table salt- it's comprised of chlorine (a poisonous gas), and sodium (an explosivly reactive semi-soft metal). Yet we can eat it safely because of... basic chemistry.


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