Monday, July 04, 2005

Live 8

Someone says the coverage sucked. I didn't watch it, so I don't know. This is a trend in television for a while- no patience for live coverage. Music also suffers from the mentioned poor telecast direction- gotta change cameras every two seconds or the bus will explode!

"And now here comes the president up the stage. He's shaking hands with the speaker, Dennis Hastert, of course for those who don't know, and now he shakes hands with Mr. Cheney, the vice president. Now he walks up to the podium- it's been mentioned that the president got a good night's sleep, so he should be in rare form tonight- and opens the booklet containing the written copy of the speech. The speech is in the teleprompter, of course, but if there is a malfunction with that system he will be able to immediately refer to the printed copy. He's inhaling now, no doubt ready to exhale and form words with his mouth, making noise with his vocal cords. The president of the united states, George W. Bush."

"Good Evening my fellow Americans" [applause]

"George W. Bush is of course the 43rd president, born in Texas. His father was also president, he was the 41st. Governor of Texas for two terms before running in 2000 for president, this is Mr. Bush's 5th state of the union address."

"I come to report to you that the state of the union is strong!" [applause]

"The State of the Union Address of course is constitutionally mandated, the president must reprot to the congress once per year. The day and time is not mandated, but tonight has traditionally been the ...."

And so on. The technology exists now with the digital broadcast standards to be able to run the commentary simultaneously with the speech (like a DVD commentary track), and I predict it won't be long before the news stations (and network news) starts doing it. Before the end of W's term, I bet.


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