Monday, July 04, 2005


Went to a party at Champaign Lou's elegant lakefront apartment last night. It was more his brother Nick's gathering, and his crowd is a little more hardcore than I am used to. You may know about the hot dog joint in town, Weiner Circle, where the custom is that the people behind the counter treat the customer rudely, and the customer in turn gets to insult them. It gets very loud and ugly. Nick was loudly practicing for a late night visit there all evening. But back on point, they are hardcore. They mixed up something called Summer Brew (whick is better than Summer Teeth) in a 3 gallon insulated dispensor things (think McDonald's Orange Drink). It consists of Miller Lite, Lemons/Lemon Juice, a packet of (presumably lemon) Kool Aid, and an entire handle bottle (1.75 L) of vodka. Put simply, that shit will fuck you up. I had ONE GLASS around 6 or so and I was out of sorts the entire evening.


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