Friday, August 12, 2005

Cell phone madness!

Perhaps you, like me, have heard noises like this emanating from your computer or television. Behold! Behold2! Long ago, I figured out it was the cell phone doing it. Back in the day, it was the Nextel. I always knew when someone was going to call me, because the speakers near me would dit-dit-dit away. But it was only the Nextel that did it, not my sweet Nokia. [It wasn't exactly that one, but very much like it. 1996 vintage or so.]

Anyway, the next phones were Sprint phones, running on the PCS network. Never heard the noise. Sprint's service went to hell around here, so I switched to AT&T. Never heard the noise. AT&T changed to Cingular, and I didn't hear the noise. But in the transition, the phone "roams" to the real Cingular network, away from the old AT&T one, conveniently renamed in my phone as Cingular. When it's doing that, I get the noise. It is also possible that the battery runs out quicker, but I'm not sure.

My interest piqued, I began researching. So it seems like the 850 MHz network is the noisy one, while the 1900 one is less so. The first sound you clicked on was the 1900, the second was the 850, both taken using the same methodology.

My point being, point your phone at your computer's speakers some day.


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