Saturday, August 06, 2005

This might win

... the yet-unnamed Least Newsworthy report of the year! Having taken the day off of work, I happened to be watching this (and turned it off quickly afterwards because Regis wasn't on). In the first place, it was more exciting to watch than this stupid report betrays. And that's saying something, because it is trying to make it look like more than it was. Secondly, where the ellipses are where she corrects herself, they forgot to insert where Kelly Ripa actually made the correction.

  • Movies aren't news!
  • The day Kelly Ripa corrects you on live-on-tape syndicated television is the day you're the dumbest idiot on the planet.
  • Jessica Simpson has something wrong with her. I get that she's dumb. But she seems to have no natural talent at all. Watch her 'dance' during the remaining publicity spots she does for the stupid movie. [flame on] Sweetheart, music has a beat. Convulse to that.


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