Friday, September 02, 2005

The Big Disconnect?

No shit. CNN's compendium of ignorance versus reality.

Here's a thought- the politicians are out touring the disaster areas, replete with security and helicopters and toadies. There are people dying! In the streets! There's a time and place for bloviating, and it's AFTER PEOPLE AREN'T STILL DYING!! I can't think of a more offensive scene.

Another thought- It's late summer, George Bush has just won a presidential election. And he is caught at the ranch with his governing pants down. Again. I'm pissed. I've gone along with a lot of bullshit, mostly because part of his deal is that he's got good people around him. But where are they? Who was on TV urging calm and taking control of the situation? The Mayor of New Orleans is out of his mind and swearing on the radio, the Governor of Louisiana hasn't stopped crying since Tuesday- and I don't blame either of them one bit- and W didn't have anything useful to say until Thursday? Nor FEMA or anyone else, that I can recall. Meanwhile, the governor of Mississippi is a raving lunatic, verbally bitch slapping Miles O'Brian for suggestiong that the federal disaster response might not have been good enough.

Thought three: while I love the journalists out on the scene looking tousled and workaday, where's the public service? Seems like they were just broadcasting disaster porn.


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