Friday, September 09, 2005

My brain hurts

A post from a blog I've never been to before, presenting another explanation of the various issues of self. This one uses computer architecture as the model. Basically, your animal self, your hardware, is the computer (running *nix in this case). Your intelligence is you sitting at it. The computer can function just fine without you sitting there, but without user intervention may do things you don't want it to. You, as user, have the ability to give meaning to the things that appear on the screen (observations, feelings), and give direction to the computer/self based on that. To boil it down even further (as he interprets it), your animal brain has two halves- the observational/emotional and the active/reactive part (walking, moving arms, sarcastic comments and so forth). Intelligence is the ability to get in between those two and change the reactions to observations.

I think. Like I said, my brain hurts. Makes more sense than Freud though.


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