Tuesday, October 04, 2005


As I may or may not have written before, I bought this razor in a grand experiment in shaving. My conclusions:

  • Hell yeah, I've never had a closer shave.
  • In the spots that I didn't miss or render bloodied.

    The directions for shaving with this style of razor are to not press down at all. Just touch it to the face at the correct (30 or so degrees) angle and pull down- let it do the work. That works wonderfully on the flatter portions of my face. I shaved ~11 hours ago, and there is no palpable stubble on my more successful spots. That doesn't work on the curved and coarser areas, however. The chin, for example. I'm not sure how to work that one. Also the neck, where my hair doesn't have a regular "grain" to go with or against. (Against yielded better results for me.)

    The other trick is that you have ONE shot at getting a pain free shave. With a "regular" twin or tri blade style razor, you can go over the same spot three times to get it right without too much pain. Second pass with this thing and you might as well be stabbing yourself with hot needles. Even then, there is less visible abrasion and blood than with the regular razor. Previously, I've had bleeders that I didn't even feel that went for 10 minutes. Now, these hurt like hell and disappear before the aftershave application (again, horrifyingly painful in any area shaved with more than one pass).

    It is possible that some of this is because of the strange (and seemingly useless) design of the "slant" razor- it seems to expose a LOT of the blade, more than I think should be necessary. I may try a more standard implement.

    I'll report later with a more final determination, probably leaning toward a "recommend" with the reservation that you have to suffer a little to get good at it.

    INSTANT EDIT: Ever since the beard started growing in good, I've had a problem with the neck hairs grabbing on the shirt collar. Besides being scratchy and annoying, it prematurely wears shirts out. Finding a solution to this is what led me on this adventure. I also may need to investigate different shave creams.


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