Saturday, October 08, 2005


Go here and read the lyrics for the song "Skin".

Now, I hesitate here.

I'm not superstitious about much, but cancer is one of the few things about which I am, in fact, superstitious. I think it should be avoided in all possible ways.

That said, and wood properly knocked on, brooms spit upon (*) and salt cast over my shoulder, I have to say:

This is the worst song ever performed, written or even thought of. It could only be worse if they had actually used (and rhymed) the word "metastasize".

I just don't think you should be selling records with hidden tracks in them containing songs about little girls with cancer, no matter how sappy and sentimental the song is.

(*) Had to fire a girl at McDonald's once for doing that. You have to spit on the broom if it touches your feet, or it's bad luck. Turns out, it's even worse luck if you do that in front of customers.


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