Monday, October 10, 2005


Went to the doctor today for the first time in a while. And it's a new doctor for me, the son of my childhood pediatrician. Which is kinda cool.

I was going because I have asthma. It was under "control" for a long time because I smoked cigarettes and didn't try to exercize. (Tobacco was a turn of the century cure for asthma, the nicotine dilates the blood vessels and the tar provides a Pepto-Bismol-like lung coating action) Now that I've switched those around (not smoking and getting exercise), the asthma is getting in the way.

My point is, I am now laden with drugs. I've got the Albuterol, the Flovent ("I think he's on 'roids!"), the $15 nerdy inhaler spacer and some Zyrtec to try for allergic purposes. The OTC Claritin hasn't been cutting it lately, even if I double up.

Guess which one cost the most? The friggin' Zyrtec. The COPAY was $35 for 30 of the little fuckers. I can't imagine what it costs uncut by insurance.

[time passes]

Probably the same. This is a non-formulary drug, which means nothing to me except that they won't pay for it.


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