Monday, October 03, 2005

Prison Break!

I admit it, I've been taken in by the show. And not even a little bit because it is shot at the historic Joliet State Prison. Actually, that was the only reason I started watching it, since I've done work there. I've walked those sidewalks, boiled my ass off in those buildings (limestone retains heat too well), and almost been killed by a jail guard I was mouthing off to. ("You'll never catch me, screw!")

Nevertheless, it has become fun to watch. It's got that maxi-series (like "24") feel, without the constant ridiculous threats. There are no nuclear bombs on airliners carying the president here, just the usual bad things that happen when you try to escape from prison run by Stacy Keach.

(*) Actually, I had just parked in the wrong parking space and he took it personally. I did mouth off, however.


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