Thursday, October 27, 2005

Winning pretty!

Hey, how 'bout those Sox?

I've been watching many of the Sox playoff games with MET and family, and tonight was no different- at Matt's house, with the lovely Mrs. Matt and his folks. We enjoyed a pile of Fox's pizza, some Miller Lite, some Belgian ale (Chimay Grande Reserve and Duval) and various snacks. We watched the game, somewhat uninterestingly, until the 8th when the Sox scored. Hey, good stuff. Then, in the ninth, when that guy went 8 rows into the stands to catch a foul ball, the mood heightend. Sweet Jesus, this might be real. Ozzie Guillen and all that shit.

Moments later, the game was over with an unbelievably close pick-off at first base. The White Sox have won the World Series. The real one, right there on TV! No, really!

We stepped out onto the porch to listen to the din of the city. What a sound. I've never heard such a thing. We were a block off of Western Avenue, the South Side party central. But even then, the sounds of fireworks, horns and joyfull screams came from all around. This wasn't just a couple of idiots who spilled out of a few taverns, the city was electrified. We then toasted to the White Sox with Champagne-style sparkling wine. With a quickness, being October, we bundled up (complete with beers and cigars), and wandered up to Western Avenue. [As an aside, only a block from where I went to grade school.] Once again, I've never seen such a thing- and I've seen mayors, presidents and the 1984 Olympic Torch travel down that street- in my life. The damn Sox won (swept!) the World Series! We passed another bottle of celebratory sparking wine, and swept ourselves into the revelry- complete with an Elton squirting us with the remnants of the bottle.

To wrap it up: I can't think of a better way to enjoy the fellowship of friends and an entire city. Those who weren't there, were. Good stuff. Excuse me if I get a little weepy.


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