Tuesday, November 08, 2005


OK, let's just start off: this guy is stupid and misguided.

Summary: last year, he was arrested for attempting to meet a teenage girl (deef too!) for the purposes of sex. Except, like all horny teen girls on the internet, she was really a male law enforcement officer. (In other cases, they might be lusty vigilantes.) (Stupid #1: if you couldn't get 15 year old girls to sleep with you back when you were also 15, you never will when you are 44) Of course, what is rarely reported is that this officer plied Goldman with availability and vulnerability for MONTHS. Not an excuse, just a fact. Every person has a breaking point, and when you're chatting with "girls" on the internet to get your kicks, that point probably isn't too far away.

He pleaded out and got probation + counselling. Sounds about right to me. He also had to register as a sex offender. Seems a little harsh considering he never actually did anything to anyone.

Somewhere in there, someone passed a law where sex offenders can't dress up as Santa, the Easter Bunny, Passover Pete, The Thanksgiving Ranger and any other child-tempting jolly holiday entity. The law also specifies unsupervised Halloween candy distribution.

Guess what the DuPage County sherrif's office was doing on Halloween? Staking out the Goldman house, of course.

When I counted over the weekend, there were 301 sex offenders on the DuPage County database. Check it out, lots of horrible crimes with victims there. And the county decided to deploy one of the 20 surveillance units to a guy's house who never did anything to anyone. It was a calculated risk, really- they risked that a person who's a real threat to the community, who has already harmed someone else, wouldn't choose Halloween to grab up some kid, and the reward was that they'd get on TV being vigillent.

So, they apparently got him on tape handing out candy. That's Stupid #2. His lawyer asserts that the kids' parents were there, and thus his visit wasn't unchaperoned. Also included in that is that he can't plead ignorance of the law, since he is currently challenging its constitutionality.

He's stupid, but kudos to him- his ass is on the line, and he's as much as flipping them the bird. Good for him.

Again, I'm not condoning his original act. It's just a shame he goes on the same list as rapists and child-molesters.


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