Monday, November 07, 2005

The worst Ever!

I was working downtown the other day at our palatial loop offices (lawyers row!) (marble bathrooms!), as I am occasionally wont to do, and I was walking back to my $26 a day parking garage (expense report!) when I got a hankerin' for a Potbelly Sandwich. State & Lake for those who must know. I stepped in to the usual friendly and lively environment- it's in the theater district, and there's some kind of college nearby that produces theater-folk, so it's always a good time in there- and ordered up the usual Italian Sub. I looked into the fridge for a tasty beverage, I usually get the Diet IBC.


Instead, my eye was drawn to something else. It was some kind of natural thing, actual brewed diet cola. I'd never had actual brewed cola before. I completely failed to notice that there's a green tea component. I like green tea, generally, but probably not in my cola. So anyway, to make a long story short:

I believe Cricket Cola is the worst shit on the planet. It tastes, in my opinion, like Green Apple Diet Rite spiked with diabetic urine.

As an aside, this garage and the attached Potbelly are directly behind the Oriental Theater. (Further aside, during the Chicago portion of the Jerry Lewis Telathon, I saw former SNL player Ana Gasteyer painted up green, singing up a storm from the Wicked play. She was still oddly sexy.) One of the sites I go to is directly upstairs of the theatre. Some of the floors are even pitched funny, as if to be the ceiling. Very strange building. Located on the exact site of the Iroquois Theater, site of the second deadliest fire in the country (if you believe the website(check out the gallery, sick stuff, weird website)). And you can't prove it wasn't the genesis of the phrase, "shouting theatre in a crowded fire".

EDIT: See links for Ana Gasteyer.


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