Monday, December 05, 2005

Circuit City!

I don't shop there because they suck worse than Best Buy, and because they use commissioned salesidiots. This proves it, of course. And I know computer salespeople.

I feel for the person, as I was shocked to find that not all laptops have I/O ports when purchasing my own laptop last year. I don't feel that much, though, because salespeople aren't to be trusted. It's really as simple as that.

Speaking of computer salespeople, I went to a store the other day. ASS. I personally could (have!) run a computer store that's cleaner and more organized. It also had that creepy loser vibe that you'll occasionally get in a computer store or Radio Shack. It's similar to the music store vibe, but with less positivity and delusions of grandeur, but the same drooling over expensive hardware, rationalizing why you aren't purchasing it, and walking out with drumsticks, guitar strings or a hard drive cable. Saxophone!


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