Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Stem to stern

Environmentalists: have you ever seen a picture of the ANWR? It's a desolate wasteland that even the animals don't want to see. But that's not the point, this is: It is a 19 million acre federally protected land, of which 1.5 million acres are in question. And even in those 1.5 million acres, the area actually exposed to oil purposes would be negligible. One oil derrick can cover a lot of underground area, area that the elks and cariboos and rattlesnakes can wander around aboveground unfettered (that can't be right). And I'm sure it could be legislated to make sure all the drilling is done in a environmentally pleasant manner. Shut up.

Senators: Quit playing this game. Quit being weasles putting these pet causes onto real legislation. Have the stones to debate the issue and then vote on it. If you want to make it look good, slap on a provision for wind power, etc.

Reporters: I am stupider for having read this sentence: "He briefly shook his head, a signal of his disappointment." Thanks for clearing that up.


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