Saturday, December 17, 2005

An Interesting Story about Cellular Telephones that I Wish Was a Bit More Clear

How a terror group cloned Ted Rogers' cellphone

1) I love the enterprising nature of the two victims here.
2) I love the first comment in the comments section. Bingo.
3) This paragraph makes no sense, in or out of context:
“They were using actually a pretty brilliant psychology. Nobody wants to cut off Ted Rogers' phone or any people that are directly under Ted Rogers, so they took their scanners to our building, like our north building, where our senior top, top, top executives are. They took their scanners there and also to Yorkville, where there are a lot of high rollers and like it would be a major PR blunder to shoot first and ask questions later. . . . Nobody wants to shut off Ted. Even if he is calling Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and Kuwait.”
All I get out of that is "nobody wants to cut off Ted's phone. The rest is gibberish. North building? Scanners? Yorkville? What?

And I thought cell phone cloning was made obsolete by the digital technology? (Unless you physically get your hands on the phone's SIM card.)


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