Friday, January 27, 2006

I like Reynolds

For my foil hats. Of course everyone knows, you need the old Tin (Sn) foil for proper frequency rejection. That's why the Johnson Administration made the change to aluminum, so the robots couldn't tell anyone about the moon landing and/or Kennedy assasination.

Similarly, you too can now create your own EMP generator to fry the RFID tag in your Gillete Mach 11 razor blades. And, happily, from household items!

Don't get me started on getting electrocuted by disposable cameras.

Well, OK, if you insist. I am of the opinion that your run of the mill photo hut employee doesn't like anything out of the ordinary. So, I remove the standard roll of film from the camera before submitting it to processing. So it looks just like everything else and doesn't confuse anyone. That and you get a free battery out of the deal.


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