Monday, January 02, 2006

Network Maintenance!

Spent some of the weekend doing upgrades:

  • Added a second hard drive to the main computer to create a RAID-0 array, including the ceremonial Windows reinstall. The reinstall wasn't exactly necessary (Windows XP is quite reliable), but this hardware change was different enough that it was in my best interest. I put in the array to make it go faster. So far, I am pleased. One of my futile hobbies is attempting to digitally record all the Three Stooges episodes onto DVD. Each episode ends up being nearly 1gb in size, and as you might imagine, editing such files can be troublesome. It was dissapointingly slow before, now it is acceptable.

  • Upgraded the server. Doubled the memory, tripled the speed (750 mhz!) and rebuilt the insides for better airflow. This new setup should also be more power-saving friendly as well. Now I have to figure out how to increase the storage space. It is full. Like SR, I am contemplating the benefits of the computer-as-DVR. In theory, I can just stick an adapter card into this server now that it has been upgraded, install some software and off I go. It will not be that simple. The computer-as-DVR science is not ready for primetime. You have to be willing to tinker, as far as I can tell. On the other hand, the problem with doing research on the internet is that while failures are almost always documented, successes rarely are.


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