Friday, January 20, 2006

That guy!

I was working in the downtown offices today, and needed a food fix. I was hungry and not feeling well, and tired. I wanted Mexican food. I needed Mexican food. I got the #3 from La Bamba, two tacos and a quesadilla, and a big-ass diet Pepsi. I trudged back to the office and set myself up for eatin'.

A coworker- oh, let's call him... "Jim Badenmacher"- was also in the lunchroom/conference room/betting parlor eating his daily $9 chinese meal (*). Which on previous occasions I have complimented as a good looking meal. We haven't really ever spoken besides that.

I dig in, and he starts up:

"Look at all that food! That all just turns to fat, you know. Do you know what that does to your blood sugar?"

"Diet Pepsi?? That shit'll kill you. Turns into acetyline and antifreeze in your gut! Gives you neurological symptoms!"

"You better be careful, it's living like that that gave me prostate cancer!"

All this looking out at me over the half glasses, munching vegetables and gesturing with chopsticks.


(*)Where this guy gets $9 for lunch every day, I want to know. Certainly doesn't make that much at our company.


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