Monday, January 30, 2006


This product seems neat. Even in my tiny condo, my wireless access really doesn't work so hot anywhere besides the room the access point is located in. This must be maddening in a larger home. I do know that the signal pattern ('f' in this case, as if the antenna were sticking up through the dimple in the donut) the little antenna(s) transmit is really only conducive to being on a single floor. If one had the ability to kick up the power level (federal law!), it would be awesome-er.

(* By not so hot, I mean that it's fine for browsing, but not for streaming media or big downloads. Six feet away (on the metal ironing board- hmmm....), the laptop would not reliably play a 5mbps video (wifi should do 54 mpbs (or 11 if it's the old way, 'b'), so it shouldn't be a problem).


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