Wednesday, February 15, 2006


1) It was friggin' awesome! I was watching some of the men's downhill slalom, and they did this thing called something like ThruView, where they managed to superimpose the video of two skiers' runs onto one. That doesn't sound quite as spectacular as it looked. It looked no different than the live video, just that there was a second guy there. And it was timed precicely, so you could see each guy's different footwork and such. Wicked pisser. They also were doing some extreme close ups of fouls and stuff.

2) Democrats! What is all this about the $7 hunting license and waiting to report the shooting? You are unspinning your own story! The story is Vice President Cheney Shot his Friend in the Face With a Shotgun. Don't say anything else. He is shooting people now. That's the story.


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