Monday, February 27, 2006

The Factor

A couple of funny quotes from a good piece on perennial bully Bill O'Reilly:
O'Reilly criticized a Fox News appearance by author Neal Gabler, calling Gabler a "rabid dog" who "traffics in personal attacks."
Mmmm, that's good irony!
"The median age of viewers of this program is 58.7," Olbermann said Friday on "Countdown." "The median age of viewers of Mr. O'Reilly's program is 68.6. If you want to be concerned about `well-being,' Bill, be concerned about the odds of your viewers living into next week."
So wait: for every viewer under 68, there is a viewer over 68? That's hilarious.

I regret not watching more Olberman, he seems like he's got his head on straight.


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