Monday, February 06, 2006


So they keep trying to raise my taxes. I note with wonder and amazement that there hasn't been a tax rate increase since 1972. So my question is, what is different now that a revenue stream that has worked for 35 years (and which was lower during the Baby Boom where every house had 17 kids) won't work anymore? And they're talking about a 33% increase, by the by.

EDIT: I'd also like to add that property values (upon which the tax rate is applied) have far outpaced inflation, and that the neighborhoods in question are far more mature than they were back in the day, as these places were built for the post-war crowd, and it would thus stand to reason that there wouldn't have been as many empty-nesters then as now. So, again, what? (Note to out-of-staters: Illinois is fairly unique in that much of local school money comes from the local property taxes. Education funding can vary widely from community to community.)

I'd also like to note that Incarnation Catholic Church currently has on its message sign the following "this school saves taxpayers 1.3 million a year." I didn't get any refund check, and they do charge tuition, right? Not exactly like it's some charitable thing they're doing.


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