Saturday, March 18, 2006

From the Washinton Office

AKA, the Post. An op-ed from Feb. 20th, talking about testing in the classroom.

And today, another from a pie-eyed idiot. I really tried to see his side, and I do. It must be nice to believe what he does about education. "This guy has been working for 24 years as a teacher, maybe his method does work," I thought to myself. No tests and the kids are still graduating? Hmmm. But then I parsed a little more, and made the following discoveries: he has *volunteered* for 24 years, and he teaches *nonviolence*. Well, that's just great. You keep going with that, and the adults will try to figure out how to teach little Tony how to READ and BALANCE A CHECKBOOK.

How does Coleman McCarthy support himself? I always want to know that about these criticizers. Ahh. He's retired.


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