Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Kitty Blogging!

I'm pretty sure I promised not to do this, but I feel the need. My mother finally had to put her/our cat Rita down. She was at least 21, since she showed up on our doorstep as a fully grown stray sometime in 1986. She then proceeded to have kittens and never left. I learned a lot from her, especially watching her hunt and teach her kittens how to hunt. Nature is beautiful, but brutal. In her dotage, the cat has had problem after problem, and never let out a peep as to being in any discomfort. It was almost impossible to believe. Until Friday, when she just started "crying" and my mom knew it was time.

(Yeah, that's a shoebox. She was a tiny little thing. I've personally seen her catch and eat a rabbit at least her size. Also, note the gold Legend of Zelda box just out of frame. HA!)

And, just to complete the kitty bloggin experience, here is Felix, one of the above mentioned kittens. He was more of a lover than a fighter, and thus has long since departed, a victim of the FIV.


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