Friday, March 17, 2006

Too funny

What do they tell you in counterfeiting school? That's right, "when in doubt, go big." So this guy figured why not go for the $1,000,000,000 note? Sure, the US hasn't made a currency larger that $100 for forty years, but why should that stop him?

The Smoking Gun has the rest of the story. With pictures!

What I especially like, besides the ridiculously crammed-in nine zeroes in the lower numbers, or the impossibly bad OfficeMax certificate paper, is the laser printer image defect that is obviously visible. Look at the bill, there is a blue line at about the left third. Could be a securtiy strip, but then it continues down the page. And you can also see it on the (page 3) certificate. Seriously- soon enough you'll be at Best Buy collecting your $999,994,500 in cold hard change, with your giant plasma tv and iPod in tow. You can afford to pop for that new toner cartridge. Hell, with just one of the notes, you could purchase 200,000 sweet color laser printers. If takes cash, anyway.


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