Monday, April 17, 2006

Governor Convicted!

I liked this guy. I honestly believe that he never would have been indicted had he not commuted those death sentences. He pissed off a LOT of law and order types, and many law enforcement people believe that his act was a personal smite against them. But you (meaning the State) can't kill people unless you're 100% sure you are killing the right guy. The governor wasn't 100% sure of that, so he didn't. And now he's going to jail.

But I heard a guy on tv (unimpeachable source as always) say that one of the jury instructions was that if they believed that Ryan stuck his head in the sand ("the ostrich defense", he said) and ignored signs of corruption, that he would be guilty. That seems a little loose, but maybe not. Doesn't make him a good governor, perhaps. Seems like you have to ignore a lot of things to get elected to anything.


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