Friday, April 14, 2006

PBS Handsome Fest!

Friday's Roundtable on Chicago Tonight is never particularly fetching, and tonight was no exception. Pretty bad when Chris Fusco is the prettiest girl at the ball.

Flannery is obviously some kind of burn victim, so I won't make fun. But I think the white collar with colored shirt thing went out in 1989 for dudes, dude.

If the Emperor's name was Levine instead of Palpatine, and if he sounded like Kip Dynamite...

Bruce Levine is best known as the question asker on this tape. I was ignorant to what a purpose pitch was until recently- it is a pitcher hitting a batter on purpose. I love how bent out of shape the manager gets in the tape. Note to self: the word "liason" never wins an argument.

Hand Check!

She's got an exotic thing going on that's almost hot. Almost. Bleach the 'stache and shape those caterpillers, at least.

Mr. Blackwell


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