Thursday, May 18, 2006

How to repair a hole

Suppose you noticed that your bathroon door was crooked, and found that it was because the hinge was loose in the jamb? And further suppose that you dutifully found a screwdriver and tightened the screws, only to find that the door then fell off completely? Now you've got a problem. The wood is stripped, the hole is too big for the screws at hand. You could do it "angry dad" style and obtain the largest non-matchingest replacement screw you could find, torque it down good and, while the door would in fact be fixed, it would be ugly and never quite work right again.

Or you could do this: find a sliver of wood of roughly the same size and shape as the failed hole, I shaved appropriate slivers of wood out of a 2x4, coat them with wood glue and jam them into the holes. You could also probably use toothpicks. Let the glue dry and then shave the protuding remnants off with a knife. Now you can dril out a new hole, or just tap one with the screw, and your door will now be fixed.


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