Friday, June 23, 2006

Product Review!

I'm writing this on a- well, I'm writing it on a keyboard. But connected to my keyboard is my computer, to which is attached a Dell E196FP LCD monitor. It is a replacement part for work that I am "testing" over the weekend.

Notes on the product:

1) It is cool as hell to have 19 inches of flat screen-ness sitting on the desk.
2) $220 is quite a low price for such a screen.
3) Because it isn't very good.
4) What I mean is, it is an analog-only connector. That's great for an analog monitor (a CRT, for example). Not so good for an inherently digital screen such as an LCD is. I'm getting a little ghosting.
5) I'm also getting some compression artifacts, most likely from the digital to analog to digital conversion that happens, as referenced in #4.
6) And I'm comparing this to my current monitor, no prize itself.
7) It's possible the LCD is *too* good, and I'm seeing stuff that's always been there, that has always been obscured by the inherent fuzziness of a CRT. Either way, I'm annoyed.
8) But that's a minor quibble that I was specifically looking for, a normal person probably wouldn't notice.


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