Monday, July 17, 2006

Cell Phone Update

I'm enjoying the new phone. Not sure if I'm enjoying it to the extent that it's worth what I paid for it- but to a large degree, I haven't paid for the new phone as much as I paid for my washing machine mistake.

Neat features: With a small piece of software, it hooks up to the computer via a USB cable, whereby I can enter in my contacts via the computer, upload pictures taken by the camera and download my own ringtones right to the phone. Ringtones of my own creation! Right now, the ring is Michigan J Frog singing "Hello Ma Baby".
Hello! ma baby, Hello! Ma honey, Hello! ma ragtime gal.
Send me a kiss by wire, baby my heart's on fire!
If you refuse me, Honey, you'll lose me, then you'll be left alone;
Oh baby, telephone and tell me I'm your own.
Get it? It's the Telephone Rag! On Tuesdays, it's of course the Monkey Tuesday song.

And my text message indicator is Uncle Teddy saying "Bully, bully!"

The camera is 640x480, nothing great, but has decent quality nonetheless. You can take pictures and have them appear when someone in your addressbook appears.

The voice quality appears to be fantastic. My mother has had one for a while, and it sounds great on the receiving end. Except when it doesn't. But better than most cellphones.

The bluetooth headset works wonderfully with no appreciable addition to the lag time.

Cons: it's overly complicated. Rather than having one main menu where all options are changed, there are some places where the option is changed only from a context menu within the "application". Perhaps that's more intuitive, I'm just not used to it.

Also, it's a touch slow. Nothing to really complain about, but it does take a second to respond if it's not expecting you. I'm sure it's like anything else, processing power doesn't quite keep up with software features.


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