Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hello Moto! -or- Rage!

So, I ran my cell phone through the wash. Halfway through the dry cycle I realized this, and retrieved it. It was very hot. But it did, in fact, power up. It did not, sadly, connect up to the network. I, hopefully, won't keep writing like this. But, I fear, I think I might. Anyway, it was toasted.

So, off to the Cingular store to buy a new one. I think it's a conspiracy- all of the phones were stupid looking or had some tragic flaw that made it unacceptable. The slide chassis, for example. Except the most expensive one. Luckily, I was feeling loose with the gelt and bought one. Hello, Moto! I got the silver one. With one of those stupid Uhura-style ear pieces. Actually, it seems to work quite well, and will come in handy while driving. I promise not to be that guy and walk around with it on like I'm cool or something.


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