Monday, August 14, 2006

Et! Cetera!

  • Welcome back to co and cso from their roadtrip/vacation!

  • What's up with this Skype thing? Now, I have the Vonage. And I love it, when I correct for its price. What I like about it is this: it is a real phone. You plug in your regular phone(s) into the phone adapter box, and off you go. What I don't get about this Skype (which I thought was just a toy for internet fan-bois, until I heard comericals for it on the local FreeFM) is that you need to have a computer to use it. And your computer needs to be running. Who is the actual customer of this product? What niche does it fill?

  • I read Jim Cramer's "Confessions of a Street Addict," and found it to be a fantastic autobiography. He is an excellent writer, and coherently tells the story of his life. If you've heard about him, or seen his radio or tv shows, you'd gather that he's quite a loudmouth and something of an egomaniac. You'd be right, I suspect, and this book is his catharsis. He admits to, and adds context to, much of his bad behavior, but I don't recall reading him making any excuses or trying to shirk blame. He brought the reader (me) into the story so well that I was simply unable to sleep after having read the first half of the book. It is both a dense read, and a fast read.

  • I'm now half way through Cramer's other book, "Jim Cramer's Real Money: Sane Investing in an Insane World." Not nearly as good. It's meant to be a primer on investing the Cramer way, but it jumps from topic to topic confusingly. It is very much a "hit the ground running" kind of book, it sort of reads like a compilation of transcripts from his radio shows. I'm sure by the end it will all make sense, but it is not going there in any kind straight line. Substantively: The investing advice makes sense to me, a complete novice.

  • I upgraded to "Feedreader 3.05" for my feedreading needs, and it seems to be working. It does the same stuff as the old one, just differently. I tried using google's service, and didn't like it.


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